Intruder Alarms

We provide residential, commercial and industrial solutions to suit your specific need. We have the experience and knowledge to provide a full design, installation and maintenance package.

• Residential & Commercial Installations
• Neat & discreet cabling
• Wireless solutions available
• Outdoor Intruder systems




We provide indoor and outdoor CCTV viewing. With a wide range of options, you can be assured that whether it be domestic, commercial or a large industrial property. We can set you up with enough monitoring all round. Our systems are network ready which links up to your ADSL and can therefore be monitored via your Smart device through an app.

• Increase productivity at your business even if you are not around.
• Neat & discreet cabling
• Peace of mind when on holiday with remote viewing



Gate and Garage Automation

We provide a variety of automation to all your gates or garage doors, no need to jump out in the rain or blistering cold to open your gates or doors. An automated gate and garage also decreases the risk of you being robbed or hijacked at your driveway while wasting time. All systems have a battery backup so you never have to worry about load shedding.

• Striker lock and mag locks for pedestrian gates.
• Swinger gates
• Industrial and domestic gates
• All kinds of garage doors ( Sectional, Tip-up or roller shutters)




Electric Fence

Whether it be for your home, business, farm or large property. We can protect your perimeter and stop intruders before entering. All systems have a battery backup and will still protect your perimeter even if the power source is cut off

• Industrial and domestic properties
• Different sizes to specifically suit your need.
• Quality workmanship guaranteed



Access Control

Whether you need access for a limited number of users or a large number of users, our systems can cater for all types. Whether it be tags, cards or even Biometric fingerprints. Rest assured we will find a solution for you.

• Different sizes to specifically suit your need.
• Large to small companies.




We have a different range of intercom systems, whether it be a plain voice system, a video and voice system, or systems which allow you to control gate access, we can find the perfect solution for you.

• Long range systems
• Basic kits to large apartment intercoms